Crack Up Music Referencing Superman

Here’s a list of break up tunes referencing superman. Why? Effectively I had been actually just surprised at the amount of of such tracks are around. Regardless of their references to superman, these tracks are great for obtaining via a split up.

Indie Pop – Cinerama – Superman A tune of marriage challenges. The singer concludes that superman could be the only a person who could fulfill the demands of his Girl Pal.

Pop Punk – Unwritten Regulation – Superman That  who is faster flash or superman is a music about disputes in the relationship. Practically sarcastically, the singer appears to remark: “ah yeah I am superman, a three piece suit plus a learn program!”

Pop/Rock – Barton Caroll – Superman This is a track that describes and ending relationship. From the refrain, the singer asks his girl not to leave him. He suggests “I am a superman and I’ll acquire you absent”.

Folk/Acoustic/Pop – Sean Fournier – Weak (I feel like superman) It is a sad like tune regarding the Lady the singer could in no way have and is particularly now long gone. The singer feels weak, like superman will have to sense if another person had been to slide some kryptonite into his beer.

Rock – Luna Halo – Superman Even though not necessarily about a crack up, In this particular track, the singer feels unhappy and feels somebody expects him to be superman. The singer states: “If I could fly from the many ache and panic, why would I be standing right here?

Alternative Rock – Stone Temple Pilots – Silvergun Superman This tune may be interpreted some ways. A common interpretation is usually a marriage which includes gone bitter on account of jealousy and betrayal. This is more a relationship in between good friends as an alternative to a intimate marriage.

Rock – Eric Clapton – Superman Inside of Because of lyrics for instance “Glimpse from the Mirror, In spite of a damaged heart I’m fantastic” and “living is so sweet now having a superman inside of” this song can be interpreted being a few break up. The singer is describing numerous thoughts associated with a partnership conclusion but is optimistic about the future.

Country – Randy Rogers Band – Superman Paraphrasing the lyrics, the singer just hopes to be his Female’s superman. But he realizes he cannot be as well familiar any more. Perhaps it truly is time for him to wander away.
Pop Punk – The Friday Evening Boys – Superman (Preserve You) This is another music that might have quite a few interpretations. However the singer “can’t be superman and help you save you”.