Slacker: a music app for iPad users

Streaming music on demand, creating playlists, and great music quality is what we all want. Although there are many apps available for music, an app called Slacker was recently released for iPad users.
Let’s find out what this app has to offer in addition to its advanced features:

Featured tabs and layout

Slacker’s design and user interface Spa Music are simple. The old design got a new look with some visual tweaks and this greatly improved the look. However, even after these changes, there are still no similarities with the desktop version and the smartphone. The color scheme still appears to be the same with baby blue and the interface is panel controlled. The logo color has been orange, the station’s history is now painted in darker tones, and the edges have also been darkened.
You can find the station name at the top along with the album and artist names. All the controls like media, app options, and sharing options via Twitter and email are on the top tab for easy access. The left column features 30 Slacker genres including comedy, rock, spiritual music, and many more. To start a channel, tap on the My Stations tab which will reveal 7 custom stations showing illustrations and descriptions.
Radio Slacker

The application provides you with an internal search engine that allows you to search for an artist or song within the catalog. For example, when you enter a search keyword like Queen, the Flash theme will instantly launch and then the results related to Queen songs will be revealed. If you want to exclude a specific artist or song from appearing on your self-created station, click the Ban icon. If you are hooked on a particular song, press the heart icon to bookmark it. To skip a song that is currently playing, swipe left, this move is allowed six times / hour on your free account. If you want unlimited movements, you should go for the paid version which will cost you $ 3.99 / month for Radio Plus and the Premium version which will cost you $ 9.99 / month. As soon as a song starts to play, you can see all the details, such as album name, artist information, and lyrics.
Slacker Radio Premium comes with a play function that allows you to search for a song by its title and listen to it. You can edit a station by clicking the drop-down arrow next to the station. You can add the station to your favorites list, capture it for offline listening, and even view the station page and other similar editing options to customize it.