Versatility in payment methods

Currently I am living in a country that increasingly closes my opportunities to make online purchases, and my current currency is losing value, I will not mention my country because I do not want to cause or generate opinions that are not relevant.

Currently I find myself in the need to invest my current income in a cryptocurrency that can reflect income or interest in the medium and long term, but for the aforementioned reason I cannot make purchases with credit cards, so I see myself in the foolishness of find a website that carries out cryptocurrency buying and selling operations that accepts a wide variety of payment methods.

Among all those who visited the most versatile was DAMECOINS

But in addition to all the payment methods already reflected in the previous image, they also accept bank transfers, in my case it is not practical because of the high taxes in my country for international operations, but I have friends in other countries who have already tried this method and have It has been very good operating with the Damecoins team.

But in reality the greatest advantage that this website has is the attention through live online chat 24 hours a day, if, as you read it, you do not have to wait for an activity schedule that some countries due to the time change could be in the early morning, they have taken the public’s attention seriously and responsibly.

I recommend the use of this platform 100%, using the 24h Online chat was crucial to make the decision to operate or not with them, Thanks to the Team for giving me all the support.